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Whether you are an experienced exhibitor or exhibiting for the first time, we know that it can be a daunting task. With so much to consider; lights, furniture, literature … it’s nice to know that someone is on hand to look after the graphics for your shell scheme. From ‘standard’ shell scheme graphics to bespoke builds we use our experience and knowledge to ensure the process of branding your stand runs as smoothly as possible.

We have precise templates of all the different sized shell scheme stands that you are able to design your artwork around. Helping you to visualise how the finished article will look, these templates have been tweaked and improved over the years and are now our trade secret.

Need a hand with the design of your graphics? We are able to help with this too! We have a team of art workers that love to take your ideas and turn them into an amazing display.

We don’t just brand the shell scheme walls. We can help you use all of the space of your shell by providing… full branded fascia’s, floor stickers, literature holders, roller banners, counter graphics and much more … Please have a look at our additional services for our full range.

Why use Onward Display?

    • Dedicated team that specialise in Exhibition printing
    • Free Template of your stand
    • Artwork is proofed and a visual provided
    • Based on site in the Business Design Centre
    • Graphics are printed using newest print technology

Interested in seeing all the options that Onward can provide?

Fill out this simple form to receive our look book. This PDF brochure highlights all the ways in which you can use our graphics to brand your space creatively and effectively.

Onward’s top 5 tips to maximise your stands potential…

1. Keep it simple.

Try not to convolute your stand with too many messages. Your message should be clear to any passing delegate, be it a service or product they should immediately understand how you can help them. As strong simple message will stick with potential customers.

2. Images speak a thousand words.

Never has the old cliché been more relevant then to marketing and branding then today. Most people are time poor, they tend to have short attention spans and will rarely read long paragraphs of writing. This is where a strong visual message using images can help. Selling Microwaves? Don’t write a thesis on how it works (leave the delegate with a question that your sales person / representative will be able to answer and as such start a conversation) instead why not use an image of someone using the microwave behind a table full of delicious looking food. A few interesting facts and your logo and you have your shell scheme graphics all ready to go!

3. Put your contact details at the top.

Make sure you put any contact details at the top of your graphics. This will ensure that even if your representative is busy with another potential customer and the delegate is in a rush they will know how to contact you in the future. Don’t hide them at the bottom to be easily hidden by a chair or counter.

4. Use bright colours.

Not only more eye catching, we find that lighter colours look better under the harsh spotlights that can be added to your shell scheme.

5. Using a TV?

Make sure your graphics won’t be interrupted by the placement of your screen. They should complement each other and not compete for the same space. Know exactly where you are going to position your TV to avoid this.

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