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Pop-up Stand

Pop-up display systems are easy to transport and quick to erect. Coming in either curved or straight they provide great backdrops for exhibitions, trade shows and events.

The collapsible frame only takes one person seconds to pop up. The graphics easily attach to the sturdy frame using magnetic strips, leaving beautiful seamless graphics. When you are ready the panels can be removed rolled up and placed into the travel case along with the collapsed frame.

Pop-up display systems come in several sizes including 3×2, 3×3, 3×4 and 3×5 so there is a size to suit every space.

Also included in the premium bundle are lights and an extra graphic to turn the travel case into a convenient counter.

FAQ’s about Pop up stands

How many people does it take to erect/ hang the graphics?
It should only take one person to put the whole pop up system together. The first time can be a little tricky but after putting this together and taking it down several times it should take one person around 10 mins.

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Are you able to send a template?
Yes. We can send over a detailed template with measurements that will clearly show where the joins will be as well as where the graphics will start to wrap around the curved frame.

Can my pop up system be used outdoors?
No. This is not recommended. As there are no additional weights at the bottom of the system it will blow over on windy days. This can lead to damaging the graphics as well as the frame.

If you do plan to use your pop up display outside then please let us know as there are other options for this.

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