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Shell Scheme

What is shell scheme?

Shell scheme is a modular system that is erected to create free standing ‘walls’. These walls can be joined together to form any width and are usually plain white. These walls are used to section off areas within the exhibition space usually referred to as stands.

Sounds a bit dull, doesn’t it? That’s because they are… Why spend so much money on a space at the show only to ignore your graphics. This branding is an opportunity to promote your business, attract attention, build interest and communicate visually with all the attendees. A well branded stand with thought out exhibition graphics can be the difference between a good show and a bad one.

Not just pretty pictures… branding your shell scheme will help your sales force to engage with potential clients and by including examples, stats and statistics on your graphics that they can refer to will get the conversation going. Leave potential clients with a clear idea of who you are and how you can benefit them.

Please see below the different types of branding we offer for shell schemes.

We have a frequently asked questions section at the bottom of each page but if you do have any questions that aren’t answered – please get it touch. We are always willing to help.

Standard shell scheme graphics

An economical option that looks anything but standard, this popular way to customise your shell scheme will transform your stand in minutes. The graphics fit in between the brackets holding the shell scheme together leaving a 40mm gap between each artwork panel leaving a sleek and tidy look. This is also a great option for anyone looking to advertise separate services or products on their stand.

Printed on to FSC regulated paper constructed board, this recyclable option allows you help the environment without compromising on the quality of your print. We send all the used panels off to be recycled and saved from the landfill.

Want to re-use your graphics? We can also print roll-able graphics that can be attached with Velcro and taken away after your show and used again! We call these the ‘roll flat standard option’. Keep your graphics safe by purchasing a graphic case to protect them anytime they aren’t being used.

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FAQ about standard shell scheme exhibitions graphics.

Can I re-use my graphics?
Unfortunately, not. As the graphics are securely installed to the shell scheme using adhesive there is no way to remove them without damage. We recycle the used boards so they may be used again.

Can I mount a TV to my stand with standard graphics?
Yes, you can. You will need to arrange with the show organiser to have the of your shell scheme covered with a MDF clad. Please note Onward do not supply the TV please contact the show organiser or look in the exhibitor manual to find out who is the recommended AV supplier for your show.

Can I have shelfs on my stand with standard graphics?
Yes, we actually recommend having standard shell scheme graphics if you intend to have lots of shelves. The shelves are screwed in to the support brackets, so leaving these exposed allows you more freedom to move the shelves as you wish.

Do I have to fill every section of my shell scheme with standard panels?
No. You can have as many or as few as you wish. Although, we do recommend filling the

Can my graphics run across several different panels?
Yes, as you can see from our gallery many people design their graphics to run across multiple panels - just remember there will be a 40mm gap between them so avoid splitting text or logos between two of them.

Seamless Shell Scheme graphics

The most popular option of shell scheme branding is what we call the seamless option. Printing onto rigid, lightweight board enables the graphic to sit over the top of the brackets and produce a display that appears to have no joins. This form of branding utilises every inch of wall space for maximum impact and prevents any disruption to your images, logos and text.

You supply the artwork in one piece and we will do the rest…

Your artwork will go through our specialised computer software that splits it into the required panel sizes. It will attach unique crop marks and bar codes to each section of the graphic that are read and cut by our state of the art CNC cutter to ensure a perfect splice that allows the graphics to line up every time.

All we need is your stand number and the event you will be exhibiting at in order to create a detailed template set up with measurements. Use this to ensure that your graphics will fit perfectly onto your stand.

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FAQ’s about seamless shell scheme graphics…

Can I re-use my seamless graphics?
Unfortunately, not. As the graphics are bespoke to your shell scheme the chances of them fitting on your next stand are very slim. The lightweight boards are also easy to damage - so they don’t travel well. We can print your graphics onto a more sturdy board. Please get in touch if you want to re-use your graphics.

Can you store my graphics again for next year?
Due to limited space we are unable to store any graphics for long periods. If you do decide to keep your boards (you will need to inform Onward of your desire to keep your graphics upon ordering) it will be your responsibility to arrange the collection and transportation of the boards. There will be a 5 day period after the event where the collection must be made. After this the panels will be disposed of.

Can I mount a TV on my stand with my seamless graphics?
Yes, you can. You will need to arrange with the show organiser to have the side of your shell scheme covered with a MDF clad. Onward do not supply TV. There will be a recommended AV supplier in your exhibition manual that will be able to help with this.

Are there any limits on the amount of colours I can use?
No, you can use as many colours that you wish but as CMYK printers please make sure your files are set up in a CMYK profile. Please also see our artwork requirements for more information.

Are the graphics rollable?
No, the graphics are not able to be rolled up and taken away. There is a standard option that is able to be rolled up and taken away. Please check out the standard option page to find out more

Roll Flat

Want to re-use your graphics at multiple exhibitions? We can print roll-able graphics that can be attached to your shell scheme stand with Velcro and taken away after your show. We call these the ‘roll flat standard option’.

Printed onto 300 gsm PVC/PET hybrid this film hangs flat with minimum edge curl. These durable prints are scuff resistant and will look good time after time.

Keep your graphics safe by purchasing a graphic case to protect them anytime they aren’t being used.

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