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With years of experience in designing and producing branding for the exciting world of exhibitions and events, we understand the need for a stress free and high-quality service to help bring your event to life.

With a knowledge of most of the well-known UK venues, we can quickly advise of the available signage areas and put your branding wish-list together straight away, making the planning of your budget nice and simple. For some venues, we have visual look books available to show the available brandable areas, as well as an inventory price list to make your budget planning even easier.

Onward Display specialise in creating the perfect branding experience. Our specialist project managers will assist you from the initial point of contact, right on through to the opening of your event, and not to forget the aftercare … we will always turnaround those last-minute extras. We have our very own in-house design team to work with you every step of the way, from the first stage of project requirements, through to graphic concept visuals to help you visualise the event before production begins. Our team is fully capable to help develop your tailored event branding from pre-existing ideas and guidelines, or even from scratch.

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Are you a Sponsor?

Sponsorship is increasingly popular among businesses that want to grow fast and reach quality audiences.

Are you sponsoring an event? – Onward Display can help you by creating an image of success and authority for your business in a smart way, to help you win more customers. We can help you stand out amongst large audiences, and to be noticeable above and beyond the other brands.

Whether you have a sponsored area, or have free roam within the event space, we can help you transform your vision into reality and bring your brand to life.

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Why our clients love us

Onward Display are very friendly, professional and most importantly extremely responsive and accommodating to our requests. Their creativity and style always shine through in every project. The friendly approach and willingness to help us out with any request no matter how big or small which is extremely valuable when you are pushed for time! We recommend Onward to our sponsors and exhibitors already for every show, but I’d be more than happy to recommend you to other event organisers as well.

Tania Mateva, Experience Director, Terrapin

We use Onward Display because their service level is outstanding. In terms of creativity, support and constantly moving forwards, the represent the best that print and graphics has to offer. Onward Display have been constantly moving with the times since we began working with them ten years ago. They are currently bringing solutions to us ahead of their counter parts in the industry and are showing a keen interest in supporting a sustainable offering for conferences and exhibitions at the venue. They’re specialists at what they do.

Kate Simpson, Marketing Director, Business Design Centre


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