Floor Sticker Printing London

Floor Sticker Printing London

Printed and cut to any size or shape

Use floor space to advertise your business, promote a sales message, branding an event and wayfinding around exhibitions using our temporary vinyl floor stickers. Perfect for pop up shops, event venues and shopping centres our temporary floor stickers can be used internally and externally. We will take your design and print a high-resolution full colour image to any size you require ready to be installed directly to your floor. We can also cut your design to shape for even higher visual impact.

Our internal self-adhesive temporary floor stickers come laminated with a nonslip, scratch proof floor seal. Textured and thicker then our normal laminate, it protects the graphics from heavy footfall. The seal also allows you to clean the graphic using warm soapy water – so you can keep your floor sticker looking fresh!

Please let us know if you plan on using the floor sticker for external use as we will use a higher tack adhesive suitable for adhering to pavement.

Our temporary floor stickers will stick to almost any surface including tiles, wooden laminate, concrete and short pile carpets. The flatter the surface the better the vinyl floor will stick and the smoother the finish will be. If you are unsure if your flooring is suitable we can always send out a sample in the post!

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Floor stickers can be applied to almost any surface including concrete, short pile carpets, tiles and wooden laminates. They can be used temporarily or permanently, indoors or out. There are several different vinyls and laminates that we can use in unison to make each sticker bespoke for your needs. Our floor stickers are come is any size are full CMYK and can be cut to shape… All you need is the space! We can send you a sample if you’re unsure if your surface is suitable for a floor vinyl.

There is no maximum size! We use state of the art rips and printers to split the artwork into sections. This can then be pieced together on site and create one continuous image. While there is no minimum size, we do recommend considering how much surface area of the sticker there will be. If there is only a small surface area the sticker is more likely to peel up.

There aren’t any limits. We can cut your vinyl to any shape that you desire. All we need is a vectored cutter guide. If you are unable to supply the guide, please give us a call as we might be able to help. We do recommend that you avoid small text. As this is likely to peel up quickly.

Yes, our floor graphics stickers are fire safety certified. Depending on the vinyl they are classified from B to C. Please let us know if you require the fire certification of the vinyl.

The floor graphics are supplied with a release liner on the back. This is removed during the installation process. The release liner prevents the adhesive from sticking to anything that you don’t want it to. All of our floor stickers are produced by us in house at one of our London locations and are available for shipping or collection. We also offer an installation service if you prefer one of our expert installers to fit the graphics for you.

Floor stickers are applied in the same way as other vinyl stickers. If you’re intending on installing the floor stickers yourself then you’ll need a hard squeegee to hand, in order to get the best smoothest possible application. It’s also a good idea to make sure the floor you’re applying the sticker to is as clean and dry as possible, as this will help the adhesive be most effective.

Floor stickers can be easily applied to pavements or concrete flooring with the same method as is used for internal stickers. If a floor sticker is being produced for outdoor use, a stronger adhesive tack will be used in order to ensure that it can withstand the harsher elements.

The lifespan of outdoor floor stickers will depend on the weather conditions that they are subjected to. And the amount of foot traffic that they receive. Please contact us with details of how you will use the floor sticker for an estimate on lifespan.

Yes, our outdoor floor stickers are laminated with an extra thick non-slip seal. This seal has a textured effected similar to sandpaper. This texture provides extra grip for pedestrians walking across them and prevents them becoming a slipping hazard – even in wet conditions.

Not very difficult at all. The laminate will prevent the vinyl from snapping into lots of pieces. In most cases the floor vinyl will remove in one piece. The adhesive won’t leave any residue behind. In the unlikelihood it does a bit of warm soapy water is enough to remove.