Prints onto Wood London

Prints onto Wood London

Prints onto Wood including OSB, MDF and Plywood

Investments in new print technology mean that Onward are now able to print directly to many flat substrates including wood. Printing directly to this media is great for more organic and vintage looking prints. Perfect for window displays or event props and popular as one-off bespoke gifts this material can also be cut to shape on our CNC cutter.

There are many different types of wood that we can print onto including OSB, MDF and plywood – which we can source for you at either 8×4 or 10×5 foot. Alternatively, if you have your own wood that you would like to supply please bring it into one of our conveniently located showrooms and speak to one of our trained operatives to see if the wood is suitable. Please note that the substrate would need to be no thicker than 40mm thick and be perfectly flat.

Our Arizona flatbed printers are full process colour CMYK printers with the ability to print white ink. As well as using the white ink on its own, it can also be used as an undercoat to make the other colours pop and appear more rich and vibrant. This is especially important when printing onto wood as without the white ink colours can appear dull. The inks are fully weatherproof and are suitable for outdoor use (please note some types of wood need to be treated before they are suitable to use outdoors)

Got a question? Call us, send us a message or drop into our London showroom to have a chat.


Printed wood can be kept outside, as the ink we use in our flatbed printers fully weatherproof. However, depending on the type of wood that we are printing on, the material may need to be treated in order for it to stay in better condition for longer.

Any kind of wood can be printed on, however there are limitations in regards to the size and texture of the surface. The wood surface should be completely flat in order for us to get the best print and it can be no thicker that 40mm, in order to be compatible with our flatbed printer.

Prints on wood using our UV flatbed printers can last up to 70 years depending on where they are kept and the type of wood that has been used. All our prints on wood use waterproof ink. However if they are permanently kept outside then the paint will fade sooner than if they were stored away from the elements.

We use Oce Arizona flatbed printers to print on wood, having the largest collection in the UK. Used in conjunction with our industry standard Zund CNC cutters, we can create a limitless range of wood products that can be used for a wide number of applications. There are no minimum run quantities and we can even print in white, ideal for making additional colours pop.

We print onto wood using our UV flatbed printers. This new printing technology used ultra-fine ink which is dropped directly onto the wood. The ink is then instantly cured using UV light, bonding the colour to the wood and giving a perfectly smooth, long-lasting print with great clarity.