Vinyl Decal Printing London

Vinyl Decal Printing London

What is a vinyl decal?

Cut vinyl decals are an inexpensive and versatile way to promote your message or display your logo for any event, retail or art gallery space. Generally, vinyl decals are one colour as they are cut from a roll of pre-coloured vinyl, but they can be overlaid for a multi-coloured design. They have an adhesive on the reverse that varies in strength depending on what they are required to stick to.

They can be stuck onto practically anything: walls, tables, doors, cars, motorbikes, boxes, acrylics, glass, mirrors, phones even the floor! They’re ideal for smaller signage such as opening times and directional signage. Vinyl decals are also a great solution for retail signage, event graphics, wayfinding signs, window displays, pop up shop graphics and are particularly popular with art galleries.

What kinds of vinyl do you use?

We offer cut vinyl decals from our vast range of MacTac products including our standard colourful opaque matte and gloss finishes, ranging to more exciting options such as mirrored, frosted, dusted, metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, glow in the dark, transparent, translucent, clear and sparkly! We can also print onto vinyl

What do I need to provide to create a vinyl decal?

All we need is a vectored illustrator file to produce your bespoke vinyl decal in any shape and size. If you can’t create a vectored file doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Get in touch with one of our team to help convert your simple word format into a stunning vinyl decal.

Are vinyl decals waterproof?

Yes, all of our vinyl decals are waterproof and weatherproof. We laminate all of our decals with a clear layer of plastic that we call seal. This comes in either a gloss or matte finish and helps protect your vinyl from dirt and scratches. Once installed on to your window they will happily weather the largest of downpours. All of our vinyl products are also colorfast for a minimum of 2 years so your vinyl decal will last until it is no longer required.

Are vinyl decals removable?

Vinyl decals are easily removable, making them an ideal choice for shop fronts or promotional displays. Promotional stickers and decals can be quickly installed onto window fronts or floors and then simply peeled off when they have served their purpose. They will come away cleanly from most surfaces leaving nothing behind

Will vinyl decals stick to vinyl?

Yes, vinyl decals adhere very well to other vinyl’s and pretty much any clean, smooth surface. Each type of vinyl has a different strength of adhesive on the reverse so finding a vinyl that suits your needs is important. Some vinyl is classed as permeant and have a very strong adhesive on the reverse while others are removable and have very low tack adhesive. Please let us know how you intend to use your vinyl decal so one of our experienced members of staff can advise you on the best product to use.

What’s the difference between a sticker and a decal?

There isn’t a huge difference between a sticker and a decal, in fact you could refer to all decals as stickers (but not all stickers as decals). Stickers are generally printed to a white self-adhesive vinyl and have an easily removable backing paper on the reverse. They can be cut to shape but come as one piece. A decal has all the same features of a sticker except it has a far more intricate cut and has to be held together with application tape to make it possible to install. This tape is removed after installation leaving nothing but the design behind.

How long do vinyl decals last?

Once in situ on your window there’s no reason that your vinyl decal won’t last for years, especially if you install this on the inside of the glass. Our removable vinyl has a life expectancy of 3 years but there’s no reason with a bit of care that your decal won’t last longer than this.

Are vinyl stickers reusable?

No. Unfortunately, once the vinyl sticker is removed from the window or wall they are usually stretched or ripped and aren’t able to be re-used. There are other options available if you are looking for reusable signage. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and a member of our experienced team will be able to suggest the best product to use.

How do you install vinyl decals?

There are several tutorials on how to install vinyl on youtube. These helpfully videos will take you through how to install your vinyl decal step by step. Make sure you have a squeegee, masking tape, a tape measure or spirit level and possibly some water (depending on your decal or sticker) at hand when you go to install. Also remember to give your window a good clean before you install your vinyl decal.


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