CNC Routing and Cutting London

CNC Routing and Cutting London

Our CNC cutting service is ideal for life-size cutouts, box templates, POS & retail window displays. We manage all of our projects with our own cutting machines, so we can stay in control of both the quality and pricing.

Our favourite machine, the Zund G3 is an amazing piece of machinery which can cut, crease, drill and route more-or-less any substrate up to a maximum of 48mm thickness. It’s the big brother of our Océ Arizona flatbed printers, and by using both of them we can print and then route or thru-cut out your desired shape.

Using these machines in tandem, we can also cut a ‘V’ channel out of most substrates, enabling you to fold the material to produce boxes and plinths. We can work with a wide range of materials and designs, get in touch with us if you’d like some advice on the best option for you.



The cost of your CNC cutting will depend on the size and complexity of the job, the material being used and the time it will take to complete the project. The best way to get a price estimation for your CNC routing job is to get in touch with us with the artwork and details, we’ll then be able to offer you a quote.

A CNC cutting machine uses digitised design data and a CAM program to determine coordinates needed to cut a material to any required shape. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control; the basic process involves a computer converting a design into numbers which are used as coordinates for the cutting machine to follow.

A CNC machine cuts using a combination of 2D vectors and 3D solid part CAD designs, depending on the abilities of the technology being used. By reading the G code in these designs, the CNC machine understands where to move the cutting tool, the rate is should feed the chosen materials and what speed to cut.

The maximum size of the bed enables us to cut is 3000 mm x 2000 mm. The roll to roll feature allows us to cut vinyl in 50 meter width should we need to!

Our Zund G3 CNC cutter can cut most materials up to 48mm thick.

Our CNC machine can cut most types of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, twin-wall sheets, wood, vinyl and plastics - making it a truly versatile tool. Used in conjunction with our Oce Arizona Flatbed Printers we can create a massive range of products and designs.

Internal holes cannot be cut using a CNC machine due to the subtractive nature of the technology. Designs with complex geometry, such as internal holes or tunnels require a multi-axis CNC machining system or the manual labour of a machinist to complete.

CNC cutters do not cut in right angles as the tool used to make the cuts is a spinning round tool. If you are looking for a finish that uses right angles then we may be able to help adapt your design, so that our CNC cutter can produce the desired effect.

It’s possible to CNC cut materials that already have vinyl applied, however this might not be the most efficient method of creating the desired product. Using both our flatbed printers and CNC cutters in tandem would likely yield a more efficient result, without the potential of spoiling a pre-applied vinyl finish.